About Us
ABMARC provides policy and regulatory analysis or development, business planning and market insight, as well as comprehensive test, research and evaluations.
Real World Economy & Emissions
ABMARC has Australia's only Portable Emissions Measurement System, valuable in the accurate and repeatable measurement of fuel consumption, particulates and gaseous emissions from engines.
Research, Benchmarking & Marketing
Our 'best in industry reports' are used across industries, government and research institutes to develop planning and policy strategies.
Vehicle & Fleet Engineering
ABMARC provides vehicle and fleet engineering, testing and analysis services for vehicle approval testing, forensic engineering, fleet telematics, new vehicle or equipment research, selection and trials.
Technical Writing & Illustration
Let ABMARC develop accurate technical content for your internal or external reports and procedural documents, to enable complex technical subjects to be conveyed to wide ranging audiences.

“Our aim is to challenge the status quo. We do this by providing our clients with best in industry reports and service”





ABMARC is an independent Australian company, established in March 2011. We have assembled a team of the best engineers and research staff to deliver a broad range of services to the automotive, transport, fuels, energy, government, mining, education and environment sectors.


What We Do


Our continuous investment in research and our substantial technical experience in design, development, product planning, marketing, policy and business development ensures that ABMARC is a centre of excellence, and we leverage this expertise to empower our clients with evidence, knowledge and insight.


  • We constantly invest in research, and leverage this for the benefit of our customers
  • ABMARC is technology neutral, so our research and analysis is based on facts not opinion
  • We provide customers with best in industry reports with innovative, visual formats
  • We produce a series of reports on alternative fuels and vehicle technologies, clients who purchase these reports use them for strategic policy development and business advancement
  • We provide solutions – including developing test methods and test equipment for the out of the ordinary
  • Our senior staff are highly experienced in both conventional and alternative fuels, emissions, energy (including stationary), transport and powertrains
  • Knowledgeable of trends to provide your business with the best strategic advice covering economic analysis, policy and standards development, modelling of product uptake or product planning and marketing services
  • When testing, we use precise measuring equipment and data loggers to validate even small performance gains across areas such as emissions, fuel consumption or power and torque
  • The ABMARC team is highly mobile and not location constrained





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