About Us
ABMARC provides policy and regulatory analysis or development, business planning and market insight, as well as comprehensive test, research and evaluations.
Real World Economy & Emissions
ABMARC has Australia's only Portable Emissions Measurement System, valuable in the accurate and repeatable measurement of fuel consumption, particulates and gaseous emissions from engines.
Research, Benchmarking & Marketing
Our 'best in industry reports' are used across industries, government and research institutes to develop planning and policy strategies.
Vehicle & Fleet Engineering
ABMARC provides vehicle and fleet engineering, testing and analysis services for vehicle approval testing, forensic engineering, fleet telematics, new vehicle or equipment research, selection and trials.
Technical Writing & Illustration
Let ABMARC develop accurate technical content for your internal or external reports and procedural documents, to enable complex technical subjects to be conveyed to wide ranging audiences.

“ABMARC is technology neutral, so our research and analysis is based on facts, not opinion”






ABMARC specialises in producing research reports for a wide range of industries. These reports include economic analysis, market insight, technology evaluation, government policy assessment and more.


We conduct research and analysis based on facts, not opinion. Our 'best in industry reports', including the Powertrain series on alternative fuels and technologies, are used across industries, government and research institutes to develop future planning and policy strategies.


We use multiple insight strategies with an emphasis on historical data, to understand the current situation and forecast future trends and technologies across sectors. It presents a complete picture across the consumer, resources, infrastructure and government policies.


We can also benchmark existing and competing products or technologies; assessing market opportunities and creating business plans to help your company succeed.


Applicable Industries


ABMARC's Research, Benchmarking and Marketing service has been effectively utilised in the following industries:


All Businesses Heavy Commercial Personal Mining and Energy Fleets

All Business

Heavy Commercial


Mining & Energy


  Research, Benchmarking & Marketing
Data: Analysis, Forecasting & Modelling   Survey

Data: analysis, Forecasting & Modelling

We can turn reams of data into powerful and usable information.


With our wealth of experience in this field, we offer high quality forecasting, economic analysis, modelling and reporting - benefitting your company with accurate and comprehensive results, aiding your next business decision or long-term planning.


ABMARC uses a ‘bottom up approach’ to developing our forecasts – we have large databases of information, we continuously invest in research, and we have comprehensive knowledge of current economic and technology trends.




  • Forecasting the Uptake of New Vehicle Model or New Technology
    We can monitor, analyse and forecast the uptake of your company's product in the marketplace: new vehicle models, aftermarket technology, or alternative vehicle powertrain (e.g. electric, CNG or hydrogen vehicles).
  • Data Modelling

    For emissions, vehicle uptake rates, vehicle usage, consumer trends, growth corridors, battery trends and much more.

    We develop our own proprietary models and calculators for ourselves and our clients.

  • Resources and Infrastructure Growth
    Resource mapping, including fuels and energy, diagrams and graphics of the current situation and future trends; their reserves, usage and life.
  • Running Cost and Payback Period Calculator

    We've created cost and payback calculators for a variety of projects. In particular, we have significant experience in vehicle related calculators - determining running costs, payback periods and the influence of economic scenarios.



Market insight (Surveys)

We conduct complete in-house end to end market insight, specialising in consumers, technology, and industry. We prepare surveys and host focus groups for both quantitative and qualitative data collection.


To complement our fleet analysis studies we conduct surveys of fleet operations and driver experiences/attitudes to technology and vehicles.


ABMARC conducts the survey preparation and development, survey web hosting and management if required, one on one interviews, focus groups, data analysis and reporting of results.




  • Identifying Market Opportunities

    ABMARC conducts in-depth analysis of your industry, to identify market opportunities for your company using surveys and consumer research.

    We can benchmark your service with a competitors; providing you with an in-depth analysis on the competition from a consumer or client perspective.

  • Consumer Acceptance to New or Existing Product

    We can survey the market to identify the level of customer satisfaction with your company's service or product.

    Customer surveys are key to identifying strengths and weaknesses in your product, or if the quality of your service meets their expectations.

  • Focus Groups - Experience in hosting focus groups for quantitative analysis
  • Consumer thinking about new technologies and future purchase considerations - we have conducted numerous surveys to understand consumer purchase considerations





Market Insight   Powertrain Reports

Market & Government Insight

It’s important to understand government policies and the market to place your product in perspective and identify new opportunities in Australia and overseas.


  • Geospatial Information Systems
  • Resource analysis
  • Infrastructure and cost analysis
  • Identifying relevant and comparative legislation across the globe
  • Presenting comparative, mapped or timeline based analysis of regulations and policy
  • Identify business opportunities and barriers
  • Policy/legislation impact analysis




  • International Legislation Research

    ABMARC identifies relevant and comparative legislation across the globe.

  • Visual Presentation of Information
    ABMARC specialises in presenting comparative, mapped or timeline based analysis, in an easy to understand visual format.
  • Forecasts of price and resource availability
  • Analysis of Business Opportunities or Regulation Impact
    We identify business opportunities and barriers of Government policies. We provide you with expert impact analysis of existing or upcoming Government legislation or regulation.

Powertrain & Alternative Fuel Reports

To address a gap in Australian report material on alternative fuels and powertrains, ABMARC has created a series of reports that provide in-depth cover of alternative fuels and vehicles. These reports analyse resources, government regulation and policies, energy pricing and trends, infrastructure, customer behaviour, an in-depth review of new and emerging technologies - plus much more.


Our 'Best in Industry' reports empower business and government with clearly presented information. They are used for marketing, strategic planning, product planning, advocacy, policy development and insights - across the automotive and energy industries.


Current Reports


  • Biofuels
  • Electric & Hybrid Vehicles
  • LPG Vehicles
  • Natural Gas Vehicles


More Information


01 Case Studies

Biofuels Report


The fourth report in the series, Biofuels Australia: An Automotive Perspective is the complete market insight and analysis tool that allows your business to see the big picture of these emerging fuels and technologies.


Designed to be utilised across industries from the automotive to energy sectors and government - it is the best resource available to assist with market research, product & strategic planning, policy development and advocacy.


These fuels have been used since the birth of the automobile; the first vehicle made by Henry Ford ran on straight ethanol and the model T Ford was designed to operate on a range of fuels including ethanol, petrol and kerosene. The similarities of biofuels with conventional automotive fuels, means they are often used as a ‘drop in’ replacement, with ethanol used to replace petrol, and biodiesel replacing diesel.


Biofuels Australia addresses all aspects of the fuel, including:

  • Government policy
  • Compatibility of the fuel with materials and engines
  • Drivers for uptake
  • Production and consumption statistics and forecasts
  • Technical characteristics of the fuel
  • Available vehicles and upgrades required

Australian Motorist Survey


ABMARC has conducted a number of Australian motorist surveys, with most focusing on perceptions of new or alternative automotive products or fuels.


These surveys have analysed motorist opinions and attitudes towards a product, current driving trends, purchase considerations and technical understanding of a product.


Key facts from one of our previous surveys about LPG motorists:

  • Are more likely to live in the outer suburbs than the inner city or rural areas and mostly drive large cars or SUVs
  • Travel up to 30% more than the average Australian driver
  • Typically have a positive experience with LPG, rating it 8.6 out of 10, with only 7% believing an LPG powered vehicle was less reliable than a petrol only car
  • On average, LPG vehicle users have a lower weekly income and use LPG to assist in meeting the weekly household budget.
    In fact, 72% of respondents believe that if they had to use petrol, they could not afford to operate their vehicle or would have to reduce their vehicle use and activities