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ABMARC provides policy and regulatory analysis or development, business planning and market insight, as well as comprehensive test, research and evaluations.
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ABMARC has Australia's only Portable Emissions Measurement System, valuable in the accurate and repeatable measurement of fuel consumption, particulates and gaseous emissions from engines.
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sqr PowerTrain & alternative fuel report Series

As Automotive Industry Professionals, we recognised a gap in Australia of report material that covered all of the pertinent issues that surround alternative fuels and powertrains. With this in mind we set about to create a series of reports that all levels of business and Government can rely on to assist in making long term business planning, strategic or policy decisions and marketing.


Our extensive client services are complemented by an on-going series of reports that provide in-depth cover of alternative fuels and vehicles, placing the Australian situation in a global context.


Each report analyses resources, government regulation and policies, energy pricing and trends, infrastructure, customer behaviour, an in-depth review of new and emerging technologies - plus much more - these reports are known as The Powertrain Series.


Each report comprises a 360° visual review of the fundamental information related to each topic. The innovative visual method of presentation allows any audience to quickly grasp technical concepts and information whilst still having substantial technical depth to be of value to Engineering Professionals.


What are some examples of how the Powertrain Series of reports are used?

The Powertrain series reports empower business and government with strong and clearly presented information. They are used for marketing, strategic planning, product planning, advocacy, policy development and insights - across the automotive and energy industries.


Applicable Industries


What types of industry sectors use our reports?


Automotive OEMs, component suppliers, energy companies (fuels and stationary), resource, energy exploration and mining companies, industry associations and government, education institutions, peak automotive bodies and more.


All Businesses Mining and Energy Personal Fleets education

All Businesses

Mining & Energy


Fleets & OEMS


  Powertrain Reports
Biofuels Report   Electric & Hybrid Vehicles Report  


Biofuels are potentially an alternative to conventional fossil fuels due to their low CO2 emissions and the opportunity for drop in replacement of petrol and diesel in both conventional and hybrid vehicles. The biofuel report covers:


  • Trends in Australian and International biofuel industries

  • Flex fuel (ethanol) and biodiesel vehicle availability

  • Analysis of biofuel feedstocks and Australian biofuel capacity

  • Australian Government Policy that impacts the biofuel and transport industries

Any questions about this report, please Email us or phone +61 (3) 5964 8402.


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Electric & Hybrid Vehicles

Electric & Hybrid Vehicles Australia: An Automotive Perspective is the complete market insight and analysis tool that allows your business to see the big picture of these emerging cars.


Electric and Hybrid vehicle sales trends to 2020 and an in-depth look at the impact of the carbon tax on vehicle running costs. Understand the impact of Government policies on the stationary energy sector and electricity prices with a review of source emissions on a state by state basis for Electric and Plug in Electric vehicles.


Forecasting to 2020 of EV range, battery capacity, weight, size segments and price. Key comparisons to conventional and gaseous fuelled vehicles. And an A3 size Australian Electric & Hybrid vehicle model calendar, with releases from 1997 to 2015.


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LPG Report   Natural Gas Report  

LPG Vehicles

Powerful summaries of global government policy and in-depth analysis of the automotive LPG situation in key countries. Complete analysis of Australian Government policies that impact LPG and forecasting of fuel price, vehicle sales, conversion trends and CO2 emissions. Mapping of LPG stations to capital city level by suburb is included.


ABMARC conducted an alternative fuel and LPG user survey exclusively for the report, to understand the LPG user experience and future purchase considerations. In the technical chapter there is a detailed review of LPG system types and a look at emerging technologies. ABMARC also conducted a detailed vehicle evaluation of the Ford Falcon EcoLPi vs. Holden Berlina Vapour Injection vs. Toyota Aurion with the IMPCO LPG system.


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Natural Gas Vehicles

The first report in the Powertrain Series is a comprehensive study of natural gas opportunities for passenger and light commercial vehicles in Australia with reference to Global action. The report makes a detailed analysis of natural gas prices with forecasting including the forthcoming alternative fuels excise and carbon tax.


There are multiple price schedules and payback periods for natural gas vehicles, so ABMARC has developed and included a comprehensive calculator that businesses can use to determine the running costs & payback period when operating vehicles on compressed natural gas.


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Report Content


Example: A3 High Level Summary


Each report is divided into three core chapters:


global_icon Global
aus icon Australia
technical icon Technical

Analysis includes:

Resources, Government Policy, Infrastructure, Powertrain, Performance,
Operating characteristics, Technology Overviews and much more.

Each report is a complete resource tool for planning and policy development, or a comprehensive reference to understand emerging segments of the alternative fuels, advanced vehicle technologies and powertrain markets.