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ABMARC can help you understand how electric and autonomous vehicles are going to benefit, and challenge, society over the next decades.
Real World Economy & Emissions
ABMARC has Australia's only Portable Emissions Measurement System, providing laboratory levels of accuracy and repeatability of fuel consumption, particulates and gaseous emissions from engines in-field or on-road.
Research, Benchmarking & Marketing
Our 'best in industry reports' are used across industries, government and research institutes to develop planning and policy strategies.
Vehicle & Fleet Engineering
Real World Emissions & Fuel Economy
Join us in our project to understand how driving style impacts fuel consumption and emissions in the real world. Click here to find out more or participate.
Technical Writing & Illustration
CO2 Fleet Prediction Tool for Manufacturers
This tool enables vehicle manufacturers to determine a fleet and sales profile that meets proposed CO2 regulations in Australia.





Our vehicle and fleet engineering services provide customers, including OEMS, with detailed analytics from test and telematics data to be used for; engineering approvals or certification, vehicle verification, fleet improvements, new vehicle or technology benchmarking and forensic engineering to determine things gone wrong (TGW) for safety or warranty purposes.


Our services are applicable for all on & off-road, passenger, light and heavy commercial vehicles.



Applicable Industries

Our Vehicle and Fleet Engineering services are applicable across the following sectors:


Fleets Heavy Commercial Mining and Energy Automotive Personal

Fleets & OEMS

Heavy Commercial

Mining & Energy


Vehicle Modifiers


Vehicle Modification & Certification

  Forensic Engineering & Expert Witness  

Fit for purpose

If you need to make modifications, install vehicle bodies or apply aftermarket accessories to your vehicle or fleet, we can assist in component or system selection and testing to ensure your fleet maintains compliance for safety and regulatory purposes.


Our services are suitable for all on & off-road, passenger, light and heavy commercial vehicles across sectors including mining.


We conduct testing and evaluation for the end user or the system manufacturer.



  • Component or Accessory Selection and Evaluation
  • Static Testing or Evaluation
    Centre of Gravity (CoG) height measurement or calculation.
  • Dynamic Testing & ESC Evaluation
    Testing under controlled conditions to measure vehicle dynamic handling characteristics and assess safety during severe manoeuvres such as the lane change test. We also evaluate the impact on ESC functionality after changes have been made to a vehicle's centre of gravity height or suspension components.
  • Brake Testing
    To regulated test standards
  • Performance Based Standards
    Test vehicles in accordance with the requirements set out in the PBS.


Forensic Engineering & Expert Witness

We provide expert witness services to customers (including OEMs) for various matters, ranging from "fit for purpose" assessments to forensic examinations.


Our analysis and testing is conducted using documented test plans and our results are reproducible, independent and credible.


Our reports are impartial and clearly articulated. We present data graphically where appropriate to facilitate understanding.


Our services are applicable for all on & off-road, passenger, light and heavy commercial vehicles.




  • Diagnose technical issues with vehicles in your fleet when service and maintenance departments cannot
  • Conduct component failure analysis on parts that have failed and resulted in incidents, injuries or financial loss
  • Determine real world emissions and / or fuel consumption
  • Resolve vehicle electronic or electrical issues
  • Determine correct functionality or conduct root cause analysis for vehicle malfunctions
  • Prepare impartial documentation to support litigation
  • Expert witness testimony
Fleet Evaluation & Analysis   VASS Engineering  

Manufacturer programs

ABMARC can conduct programs for light and heavy vehicle manufacturers across a range of areas aimed at measuring and monitoring vehicles to ensure quality and prepare for release and certification.



  • Captured Fleet Programs
  • Telematics and Analytics for Validation and Certification
  • Durability and Environmental Test Programs

VASS Engineering

We are authorised under the VicRoads VASS scheme to provide certificates for vehicle modifications to light and heavy duty vehicles.


We specialise in testing and reporting for 'type' approval of modifications for manufacturers and the aftermarket sector.



  • A range of standard tests including:
  • Brake testing to the LG5
  • Lane change tests LT2
  • IM240 emissions test (coming!)
  • Engineering certificates for modifications to:
  • Engine, transmissions and drivelines
  • Brakes
  • Suspension and axles
  • Steering
  • Structures (body)
  • Seats and seat belts


More Information


01 Case Studies

Dynamic Testing & Rollover Propensity Analysis

The project was to evaluate the handling characteristics of an IVECO Daily 4x4 - which is in the light truck category - for a large fleet operator, and compare the results to other commercial vehicles. The test program involved static and dynamic measurements and evaluation.


Tests and measurements were conducted in two configurations, laden and unladen.


To measure the steering characteristics of the vehicle, ABMARC conducted a constant radius test. This test is used to determine if a vehicle displays understeer, oversteer or neutral steer characteristics.


To further evaluate the dynamic handling, ABMARC tested the IVECO through a lane change test. This test requires the vehicle to perform a double swerve at high speeds, simulating an emergency lane change manoeuvre.

  Rollover Analysis

4WD Certification and Lane Change Test

We specialise in conducting lane change tests for vehicle owners, modifiers, equipment manufacturers and fleet operators.


The double lane change manoeuvre is a global standard designed to assess the handling characteristics of a vehicle by subjecting it to an emergency lane change under controlled conditions.


This test is usually required for vehicles with modifications that alter the centre of gravity height, have significantly modified suspension layouts or are new vehicle builds such as ICV's. The test is conducted in accordance with the ISO 3888-1 standard.


Click on the image to the right, to watch a video of ABMARC conducting a lane change test.

  4WD Certification