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01 Vass engineering

Do you need a VASS certificate?


Please note that due the large number of projects we are currently working on, we are unable to take on any VASS work until July 2017. Please contact us in June 2017 to discuss your project.


Vehicle modifications (to Victorian plated vehicles) beyond those allowed by VicRoads require a VASS certificate.


Search the VicRoads website under "vehicle standards information" for the latest State requirements to see what is allowed without an engineer's certificate.


If you want to make changes beyond what is allowed in the VicRoads guide - then 'yes' you will be required to have an engineer approve your modifications and issue you with a certificate.


BEFORE commencing your project - speak to an engineer. We've provided a convenient modification form for you to complete, that can be used as a basis for our discussions about your proposed vehicle mods.


Vehicle modifications that can be approved under the VASS scheme are governed by the Vehicle Standards Bulletin 14 - National Code of Practice for Light Vehicle Construction & Modification - which can be downloaded from the Federal Government Infrastructure website. Your vehicle will need to comply with these guidelines in addition to the relevant Australian Design Rules


Applicable Industries


ABMARC's VASS service has been effectively utilised in the following industries:


Fleets Heavy Commercial Mining and Energy Automotive Personal


Heavy Commercial

Mining & Energy






Approval Categories


Passenger, SUVs, 4WDs and light and heavy commercial vehicles

  • Vehicle bodies, trays, cranes and towbars
  • Engine, transmissions and drivelines
  • Brakes
  • Suspension and axles
  • Steering
  • Structures (body)
  • Seat and seat belts

We have advanced test and measurement equipment and specialise in dynamic testing of ICVs, modified or fleet vehicles that require a lane change manoeuvre test.


Heavy and Light Commercial Vehicles

  • Engine, transmissions and drivelines
  • Vehicle bodies, trays, cranes and towbars
  • Centre of Gravity (CoG)
  • Static & dynamic stability





VASS Modification Form

ABMARC Modification Form

Download and complete the modification form and specify the vehicle modifications you would like to make - email or fax to us to start the discussion.

Vic Roads Safety Standards

VicRoads Vehicle Standards Information

Click here to visit the VicRoads website to search under "vehicle standards information" for the latest State requirements.

Vehicles Standards Bulletin 14

Vehicle Standards Bulletin 14

Click here to download VSB 14 – National code of practice for light vehicle construction and modification (note Dept. of Infrastructure may move this page!).