About Us
ABMARC provides policy and regulatory analysis or development, business planning and market insight, as well as comprehensive test, research and evaluations.
Real World Economy & Emissions
ABMARC has Australia's only Portable Emissions Measurement System, valuable in the accurate and repeatable measurement of fuel consumption, particulates and gaseous emissions from engines.
Research, Benchmarking & Marketing
Our 'best in industry reports' are used across industries, government and research institutes to develop planning and policy strategies.
Vehicle & Fleet Engineering
ABMARC provides vehicle and fleet engineering, testing and analysis services for vehicle approval testing, forensic engineering, fleet telematics, new vehicle or equipment research, selection and trials.
Technical Writing & Illustration
Let ABMARC develop accurate technical content for your internal or external reports and procedural documents, to enable complex technical subjects to be conveyed to wide ranging audiences.

“ABMARC specialises in the visual communication of information”





The ABMARC team consists of talented writers and illustrators who hold engineering qualifications and can assist you to write technical reports, presentations or evidence-based business proposals.


We are able to understand, describe and present your technical information in a clear and effective manner; appropriate for the audience and content.


ABMARC Writing and Illustration services include:


  • Technical report writing
  • Infographics, banners and technical marketing material
  • Evidence-based business proposals
  • Presentations for procurement and conferences
  • Data visualisation
  • Magazines and newsletters
  • Visualisation of technical concepts and processes
  • Geospatial Information Systems with mapping of resources and infrastructure
  • Safety documentation, workplace signage and job instructions


Applicable Industries

ABMARC's Technical Writing and Illustration services has been effectively utilised across the following industries:


All Businesses Heavy Commercial Mining and Energy education government

All Business

Heavy Commercial

Mining & Energy



Technical Writing & Editing   Visual Communication & Marketing  

Technical Writing & Editing

We take pride in our ability to convey technical information in an easy-to-understand format.


ABMARC can assist you to write technical reports, presentations or evidence based business proposals, appropriate for theĀ audience and context.

As ABMARC staff are qualified engineers; we are able to understand, describe and present your technical information in a clear and effective manner. We simplify complex content - for understanding by broad ranging audiences.


We specialise product planning and report writing, for boards, executive level, advocacy and government.



  • Technical Journals and Magazines
    We produce a full suite of industry specific publications, including technical journals and magazines.
  • Eye-Catching and Professional Presentations and Documents
    We help your company impress prospective clients with attractive presentations, technology reports and documentation.
  • Course Content for Education
    With our engineering expertise, we can develop technical, facts-based course content for education institutions. This can be for published or on-line course content.

Visual Communication & Marketing

One of our greatest strengths at ABMARC is our ability to mix engineering and visual communication; we produce effective graphics, illustrations and charts to efficiently convey technical data and complex concepts.


We turn reams of data into powerful and usable information; visualising the story of technical data and presenting all the facts and trends.


Contact us to see examples of how strikingly effective our visual communications are or visit the downloads page.



  • Data Visualisation
    We can visualise your technical data; illustrating the story of the data and highlighting the key facts - combined into a comprehensive report, enabling you to achieve successful outcomes.
  • Technical Marketing Material using engineering knowledge and proven techniques, we develop marketing material to present your product in the best light, using a variety of media, including; infographics, banners, digital and print advertising, flyers and presentations.
  • Technical Photography of Systems and Components for marketing, websites and reports.


01 Case Studies

Vehicle Technology Engineer Magazine

ABMARC produced the quarterly magazine for the SAE-A from end 2013 to 2015.


The Vehicle Technology Engineer (VTE) is an industry magazine that focuses on technical innovations, event reviews and mobility industry updates. The magazine incorporates news and interest articles from a range of mobility areas, including Automotive, Aerospace, Heavy Commercial, Aftermarket and Vehicle Body Repair sectors.


The VTE magazine keeps SAE-A members and subscribers informed of events, provides opportunities for involvement and increases readers technical knowledge.

  VTE Magazine

Unigas Infographic

Unigas requested ABMARC to develop an infographic poster for their Autogas campaign.


We analysed the benefits of Autogas and created the infographic around five prominent advantages of the fuel: lower costs, locally produced, reduced emissions, good availability and increased performance.


Constructed using current and accurate data and research, the infographic is a powerful facts-based marketing tool for Unigas.


Along with this we created an alternative version for Unigas, aimed at the Taxi industry, which consisted of a new infograpic and advertising banner.



Locking Differential Technology Report

Produced as a supporting document for a legal case, the Locking Differential Report covers the entire operation, componentry and key features of a number of differential products.


ABMARC used professional writing and simple technical graphics to illustrate the workings of the locking differentials. the result was a comprehensive and easy to understand report, and an effective tool for the legal case.


A Differential is an automotive device that transmits power to the wheels of a vehicle whilst allowing the left/right wheels to rotate at different speeds. A locking differential locks or prevents the differential gears from rotating, thus stopping differential action. Both left/right wheels then rotate at the same speed.