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ABMARC provides policy and regulatory analysis or development, business planning and market insight, as well as comprehensive test, research and evaluations.
Real World Economy & Emissions
ABMARC has Australia's only Portable Emissions Measurement System, valuable in the accurate and repeatable measurement of fuel consumption, particulates and gaseous emissions from engines.
Research, Benchmarking & Marketing
Our 'best in industry reports' are used across industries, government and research institutes to develop planning and policy strategies.
Vehicle & Fleet Engineering
ABMARC provides vehicle and fleet engineering, testing and analysis services for vehicle approval testing, forensic engineering, fleet telematics, new vehicle or equipment research, selection and trials.
Technical Writing & Illustration
Let ABMARC develop accurate technical content for your internal or external reports and procedural documents, to enable complex technical subjects to be conveyed to wide ranging audiences.


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Diesel Locmotive Emissions Report

NSW EPA Diesel Locomotive Emissions Report Launched

March 2016

NSW EPA have just released the Diesel Locomotive Emissions Report ABMARC prepared on the testing of emissions, fuel consumption and noise by locomotive engines with Australia's first and only Portable Emissions Measurement System (PEMS).


click here to download a copy of this report.

Read more about how PEMS can be used to benefit your business.


Presentation: Unigas Enterprise Forum

November 2015

ABMARC Managing Director & Principal Engineer, Natalie Roberts, is presenting at the Elgas Forum on the 22nd and 23rd of October.


Presentation: GEA National Forum

November 2015

Natalie Roberts presenting of real world testing of fuels and emissions at the GEA National Forum GAS 2015 - delivering energy diversity - to be held at the Novotel Brighton Beach Hotel 26-27 November. click here to read more about this national forum.

Fleet Managers' Survey

Fleet Managers Survey Launched

September 2015

The survey’s aim is to understand fleet fuel and powertrain trends in the passenger and light commercial vehicle segments. The findings will contribute to future vehicle development and product availability in Australia. ABMARC is conducting the survey and research on behalf of the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce [VACC], Gas Energy Australia [GEA] and the Victorian Government’s Regional Development Victoria (RDV).



Real World Economy and Emissions Testing

Australian First! PEMS Testing of Heavy Commercial Vehicles

August 2015
First PEMS testing of heavy commercial vehicles in Australia with PEMS. PEMS is an emissions laboratory that goes on the road and measures fuel consumption, gaseous emissions and particulates second by second. This PEM system is capable of measurements to Euro VI - exceeding Australia's current vehicle standards!


ABMARC Welcomes Jacqui Ellett to the Team

June 2015

We welcome Jacqui Ellett to the ABMARC team as Senior Consulting Engineer. Jacqui brings to the ABMARC team a wealth of knowledge and relevant industry experience. Jacqui’s strengths include her analytical skills: the result of many years processing large data sets.

Read more about Jacqui on our Team page.


Natalie Roberts Awarded by RMIT University

May 2015

Natalie Roberts, ABMARC Managing Director, was very honoured to receive the Select Alumnus Excellence Award from RMIT on the 12th of May after providing keynote address to tomorrow's engineering leaders. The Select Alumnus Excellence Award is awarded to an outstanding female alumnus for contributions to the relevant discipline area and for promoting the School and RMIT in industry and the community.

Autogas Demand Study

Future Autogas Vehicle Market Study

May 2015

A study to assess the current and future Autogas vehicle market, providing an analysis of key factors around vehicle procurement by fleet managers and identifying the economic and technology factors influencing the uptake of these vehicles in Australia has been announced by the Victorian Government.


The study will be undertaken by ABMARC for the project partners, the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce [VACC], Gas Energy Australia [GEA] and the Victorian Government through its Regional Jobs and Infrastructure Fund. Read more at the link here.

Real World Economy and Emissions Testing

ABMARC Begins Testing With Australia's First and Only Portable Emissions Measurement System (PEMS)

March 2015

Imagine an engine emissions laboratory that is completely portable.

Testing in remote locations? No problems!

Emissions measurements from any size vehicle or engine when stationary or in operation? Yes, we can do this!

Testing of both conventional and alternative fuels, exhaust emissions systems and new technologies? You guessed it, check!

PEMS technology can be used to validate fuels, engines and technologies for fuel consumption, emissions performance and engine power.

Real World Economy and Emissions Testing

PEMS Testing of Heavy Locomotives

January 2015

Awarded NSW EPA contract to test emissions, fuel consumption and noise on two locomotives with PEMS.

ABMARC_government contracts

ABMARC Appointed to Government Panel


ABMARC has been appointed to a number of Federal and State Government panels.



December 2014

The International Specialised Skills Institute has awarded Andrea Winkelmann, Director of Engineering, ABMARC, the 2014 Perpetual Foundation – Eddy Dunn Endowment International Fellowship to research the impact of international heavy duty vehicle OBD regulation amendments on the service and repair industry in Australia.

Channel 7 real world fuel economy

Real World Fuel Economy Test for Channel 7

April 2014

Two vehicles were tested and evaluated for fuel consumption on a simulated New European Drive Cycle (NEDC), then tested in the real world through Brisbane's streets. The test was conducted for a Channel 7 news story. Click here to read more, or click here to download a sample of this report.

SAE-A technical illustrations

Management & Editorial Contract

December 2013

Awarded management and publications contract for SAE-A to end 2015. Click here to visit the SAE-A's website.

Biofuels Report

Biofuels Report Out Now

September 2013

The report Biofuels Australia: An Automotive Perspective is now available.

click here to read more, or click here to download the brochure.


VASS Engineer # 1059

May 2013

We are now conducting VASS engineering work that focuses on engine conversions, brakes, 4WD modifications, suspensions and more. This is in addition to the extensive work we have been doing across static and dynamic vehicle testing (including lane change manoeuvres), to test ESC, suspension and ride/CoG height modifications. Read more.


Presentation: International Conference

April 2013

Future Gas

Presentation: Natural Gas Vehicles – Australian Opportunities and Technology Review

March 2013

ABMARC presented an overview of trends in Natural Gas Vehicles (LNG & CNG) and opportunities in the Australian marketplace.


Presentation: Data Analysis Techniques

March 2013

Our Managing Director, Natalie Roberts, is presenting techniques to turn data into effective visual communication and planning tools at the Australian Fleet Managers Conference.



November 2012

The International Specialised Skills Institute has awarded Natalie Roberts, Managing Director, ABMARC, the Ian Potter Foundation International Fellowship to enable the research of Portable Emissions Measurement Systems from a regulatory and systems perspective in Europe and the USA. Due out September 2013. Read more.


Article: EV & Hybrids

November 2013

Analysis on the future of electric and hybrid vehicles in Australia and overseas with key findings from the Powertrain Series report. Download pdf here.

China Trade Mission

Super Trade Mission to China

September 2012

ABMARC joined the Victorian Government's Super Trade Mission to China by special invitation.


Presentation: ACAPMA Conference

September 2012

Our Principal Engineering Consultant, Natalie Roberts, presented a glimpse of what the forecourt of the future may look like at the ACAPMA annual conference.


Electric & Hybrid Vehicles Report

June 2012

The report Electric & Hybrid Vehicles Australia: An Automotive Perspective was released mid 2012.

To discover the contents, click here to download the brochure (3 pages).


Survey Closed

May 2012

Thanks very much to all participants of the Australian Motorist Survey for the the Electric & Hybrid Vehicle report and congratulations to the winners!!!


Article: Opportunity for Natural Gas Vehicles

May 2012

The May 2012 update of Gas Today covers opportunity for Natural Gas Vehicles. Please Click Here to view the online article.


Article: ACAPMAg

May 2012

Why might LPG be considered as a future fuel in Australia?

You can download the article Here.

LPF Report Cover

Article: LPG Vehicle Survey

February 2012

Gas Today presents key findings from the LPG Vehicle survey that ABMARC conducted for the LPG report
Click Here to view the online article.


LPG Vehicle Report Released!

February 2012

We are excited to announce that our LPG Australia: An Automotive Perspective report is now available. Please click here to find out more.


Survey Closed

January 2012

Thanks very much to our participants in the LPG user survey and our Alternative fuels survey. And congratulations to all of our winners of the double movie passes!

Natural Gas Report Cover

Natural Gas Vehicles Report Released!

September 2011

We are excited to announce that our Natural Gas Australia: An Automotive Perspective report is now available. Please click here to find out more.


Article: Forecasting the Future Uptake of CNG

November 2011

The November update of Gas Today covers our Natural Gas Report.
Click Here to view the online article.


Article: Australia Cold on CNG

October 2011

The October 19 2011 edition (#603, page 22) of GoAutoNews, brought to you by John Mellor's GoAuto Newsroom. To download, Click Here.


Article: Oz Ignoring CNG Potential

October 2011

New Zealand looks at CNG vehicles in Australia referring to the "Natural Gas: An Automotive Perspective" report Click Here