ABMARC is an independent transport engineering consultancy, established in 2011.

Our Mission

To help clients improve their performance measurably by providing independent, evidence-based advice, while building a great company that develops, inspires and retains exceptional people.

Our Vision

To be the market leading consultancy in the transport fuels and emissions sector, achieving sustainable growth through the quality of our services and people.

Our Values

Our values help shape the way we serve our clients on a daily basis.

  • Safety:  Safety and health are paramount, and we prioritise these in all aspects of our work.
  • People:  We value diversity in all its forms, and provide a working environment that is inclusive, non-hierarchical and promotes innovation.
  • Professional standards:  We adhere to the highest standards of ethics and integrity, maintaining client confidentiality and our independence.
  • Client Relationships:  We bring innovation in business and engineering practices to enable our clients to improve performance and increase capability, building relationships based on trust.
  • Community:  We support the community by providing engineering mentorship programs.


ABMARC is an independent Australian consulting company established in March 2011. ABMARC is unique in that we provide policy and regulatory analysis and development, technology and transport modelling, economic analyses and market insight services in addition to comprehensive test, research and evaluation services covering a range of areas including automotive, engines (on and off road), transport, fuels, emissions, aviation, rail, marine, energy and mining.

ABMARC is technology and fuel neutral, and our emphasis is on providing evidence-based solutions and where appropriate, presenting information in an innovative and easy-to-understand visual format. The format of ABMARC’s reports enables our clients to readily utilise the content to engage their stakeholders – be they community or industry groups, or Government.

ABMARC is regularly engaged by Federal and State Government, statutory departments and industry to:

  • Develop activity and emissions projections across all transport sectors (automotive, marine, locomotive, aviation) including extended projections to 2070.
  • Provide advice on appropriate emissions abatement technologies and/or fuel switching and the associated costs to facilitate decision making.
  • Conduct economic analyses on the impact of proposed regulatory changes out to 50 years.
  • Conduct health cost analyses on transport emissions scenarios.
  • Perform cost of implementation modelling for industry with respect to new and proposed regulation.

ABMARC utilises emissions inventories, emissions and fuel test data and fleet activity to develop transport emissions models. Combining this with our in-depth knowledge of transport systems and operations enables ABMARC to help organisations quantify the costs and benefits of emission control technologies and abatement procedures on a least cost / maximum benefit basis.

Our close connections with industry, manufacturers, Tier 1 suppliers, technology companies and global regulatory bodies means we are able to develop and maintain highly accurate industry knowledge, and leverage this in providing the most current and useful advice, accurate economic analyses and technical services to clients.

ABMARC’s team are recognised leaders in their field. ABMARC has principals with economic and technical expertise across all transport sectors, including automotive, marine, rail and aviation.