Emissions & Renewable Energy in the Mining Sector

ABMARC has developed models that enable the impact of electrification and/or renewable energy transitions on mining emissions to be investigated.

ABMARC’s mining model:

  • Examines the impact of various technology deployment scenarios, including autonomous vehicles and equipment, to 2060 on energy consumption and emissions
  • Projects production values and energy consumption by mining ANZSIC code
  • Examines electrification of mining sites, including via renewables
  • Studies suitability of renewable electricity technologies for a variety of applications
  • Levelized cost of energy for a variety of electricity generation technologies to 2035

Fuel & Emission System Technical Advice

Australia’s fuel quality standards are not scheduled to change until 2027. ABMARC can provide you with advice and/or modelling on how Australia’s fuel standards and fuel quality will impact:

  • Specific vehicle technologies now and into the future
  • Vehicle emissions
  • Vehicle emissions standards
  • Vehicle durability and reliability
  • Consumers
  • Health outcomes

Emissions‑controlled products​

Non-road engines include any “new, complete, spark-ignition engine” which has a maximum power of 19 kW or less, and is self-propelled or installed in equipment designed to be propelled.

Non-road engines include the small engines on lawn mowers and chainsaws, for example, as well as larger engines (such as those found on all-terrain vehicles).

ABMARC can perform emissions testing in accordance with Australia’s Product Emissions Standards Rules 2017 using our emissions equipment and small engine dynamometer.

Non-Road Mobile Machinery

The expression Non-road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) covers a vast range of applications across a variety of transport and non-transport industries.

NRMM includes mobile mining machinery, forklifts, agricultural equipment, recreational watercraft, and so on. (Locomotives, shipping and small engines (“emissions controlled products”) are also included in this category.)

ABMARC can apply its emissions measurement and fuel flow equipment to most NRRM applications, in-field or in a laboratory.