Energy & Emissions

ABMARC’s Real World Economy & Emissions (RWE) services provide evidence-based solutions for fuel, engine, vehicle, emissions and performance projects.

We have a variety of precision emissions (gaseous and particulates) and fuel consumption measuring equipment that enable us to test to a number of global regulatory standards across a wide range of fuels and technologies. We can provide test services to a vast array of on- and off-road applications.

ABMARC has Australia’s first Portable Emissions Measurement System, or PEMS, which complies with US EPA (EPA 1065 2007) and European Commission (EC 595 2009 and Regulation 49) standards.

PEMS testing is used to provide highly accurate information for OH&S requirements, environment, air quality, certification, regulation, product development and marketing purposes.

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We can perform ANCAP/Euro NCAP testing for current and upcoming protocols


We have developed a number of models that enable us to predict technology uptake.


We have developed models that enable the impact of electrification and/or renewable energy transitions on mining emissions to be investigated.