ABMARC can perform ANCAP/Euro NCAP testing for the current protocols, as well as the currently foreseen 2022 protocols.

In addition to ANCAP/Euro NCAP testing and validation programs, ABMARC can assist with research and development testing, as well as product development projects (including OEM in-vehicle system product development, and aftermarket product development and/or retrospective validation).

Test services offered include:

  • Speed assist systems (SAS)
  • Automatic emergency braking (AEB) systems (including AEB adult/child pedestrian and AEB cyclist)
  • Lane support systems (LSS)
  • Electronic stability control (ESC)

ABMARC has selected the Humanetics driving robot and driving platform (the “UFO”, or ultra-flat overrunable), which can achieve speeds over 100 km/hr. This equipment is suitable for both light and heavy duty vehicles (cars, light commercial vehicles, and trucks).

The targets global vehicle target (GVT), pedestrians (adult and child) and cyclist have been sourced from 4activeSystems.

ABMARC has been selected as a provider of ADAS testing in Australia by ANCAP.

Locomotive Testing

Diesel locomotives emit various emissions and pollutants that have negative impacts on the environment and human health outcomes. These include particulate matter (PM), oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and greenhouse gases (GHG).

ABMARC has conducted a number of locomotive emissions and fuel consumption measurement projects with a range of clients, including NSW EPA.

These projects have included precision fuel consumption measurements to provide statistically significant measurements of design changes with as little as 1% fuel consumption variation.

ABMARC can adapt our equipment to provide you with emissions and fuel consumption information in-field, including pre- and post-modification testing.

ABMARC can also assist in confirming the efficacy of emissions reducing technologies and kits.

DT80 Testing / Fuel Tax Credits

ABMARC can perform testing or advice to enable clients to satisfy current and future Australian Tax Office (ATO) requirements for claiming fuel tax credits for heavy diesel vehicles.

ABMARC is able to perform DT80 emissions tests on the dynamometer at BKI, Docklands, Melbourne.

ABMARC can also provide alternate means of proving fuel consumption on-road, off-road and whilst idling, as well as analysing typical fleet operations (via telematics) to ensure that credits claimed reflect the clients’ actual operations.


Personal Mobility Devices

ABMARC has a micro-dynamometer that enables us to test the performance of personal mobility devices such as electric bicycles, pedelecs, electric scooters, mobility scooters and other mobility devices. Testing can be conducted to confirm compliance with relevant Australian (or other) regulations.

Electric bikes and pedelecs can be tested in accordance with EN 15194.

Devices can be tested on-road or on-dyne.

Vehicle Fuel & Emissions Testing

ABMARC has an AVL Portable Emissions Testing System (PEMS), and can conduct vehicle emissions testing on and off road. Our PEMS complies with US EPA 1065 2007 as well as EC 595 2009 Regulation 49.

Laboratory quality data, accuracy and repeatability from 0.5% can be achieved on-site and in the field.

PEMS measures:

  • Gaseous emissions (THC, CH4, NO, NO2, CO, CO2) and particulates
  • Power and torque (from the driveshaft, vehicle CAN or direct power measurement)
  • Fuel consumption (from single Coriolis mass based fuel flow meters or exhaust mass measurement)
  • Vehicle speed, engine speed and engine performance parameters
  • Location and distance via GPS
  • Environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure

PEMS can be used for the following applications: