Vehicle Fuel & Emissions Testing

ABMARC has an AVL Portable Emissions Testing System (PEMS), and can conduct vehicle emissions testing on and off road. Our PEMS complies with US EPA 1065 2007 as well as EC 595 2009 Regulation 49.

Laboratory quality data, accuracy and repeatability from 0.5% can be achieved on-site and in the field.

PEMS measures:

  • Gaseous emissions (THC, CH4, NO, NO2, CO, CO2) and particulates
  • Power and torque (from the driveshaft, vehicle CAN or direct power measurement)
  • Fuel consumption (from single Coriolis mass based fuel flow meters or exhaust mass measurement)
  • Vehicle speed, engine speed and engine performance parameters
  • Location and distance via GPS
  • Environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure

PEMS can be used for the following applications:

Light and heavy duty vehicles

  • Measure “real world” emissions and fuel consumption data on the road
  • Compare vehicle performance with different fuels, oils and systems (on-road or on-dyne)
  • Compare the performance of different vehicles and/or different models (trouble shooting, understanding the performance of deployed vehicle technologies, etc.)

Through its collaboration with the Kangan Institute, ABMARC can measure energy consumption and emissions using the following dynamometers:

  • Certification all-wheel drive light vehicle chassis dynamometer (236 kW, 1500 N torque, 200 km/hr)
  • Heavy vehicle chassis dynamometer (2.5m roller, 3,000 – 30,000 kg inertia capability, 522 kW, 110 km/hr)
  • Motorcycle dynamometer (90 kW, 270 N, 250 km/hr)
  • Certification engine dynamometer (400kW)

PEMS services can also be used across the following sectors:

Mining and Energy

Business improvement, particulate measurement, emissions reduction fund


Emissions kit evaluation, engine power, business improvement, emissions reduction fund


Policy or regulation development for air quality, vehicle emissions and fuel quality standards