Kangan Institute and ABMARC collaborate in vehicle emissions research and testing

ABMARC is a leading Australian transport consultancy that provides a wide range of vehicle testing services to industry, specialising in new vehicle technologies that help to reduce emissions.

The new collaboration will see ABMARC’s engineers made available to students and its advanced vehicle emissions and energy consumption test equipment made available to customers at Kangan Institute’s Automotive Centre of Excellence. This includes the following dynamometers:

  1. Certification all-wheel drive light vehicle chassis dynamometer (236 kW, 1500 N torque, 200 km/hr)
  2. Heavy vehicle chassis dynamometer (2.5m roller, 3,000 – 30,000 kg inertia capability, 522 kW, 110 km/hr)
  3. Motorcycle dynamometer (90 kW, 270 N, 250 km/hr)
  4. Certification engine dynamometer (400kW)

Heavy Vehicle Testing

The collaboration will provide significant opportunities for innovation and research and development (R&D) of advanced and future mobility technologies. The R&D capabilities will include:

  • R&D emissions measurement to the latest European Euro 6 (light vehicles), Euro VI (heavy vehicles) China 6 and US EPA standards
  • Precision energy consumption measurements of electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in the laboratory and on the road
  • Charging rates, efficiencies and losses at the vehicle and electric vehicle charging systems
  • Fuel consumption measurements of all fuels, including: biofuels, natural gas, hydrogen and LPG

The following certification tests will also be performed:

  • Euro 6 RDE and Euro VI ISC
  • IM240 emissions testing
  • DT80 emissions testing
  • NSW mines engine testing

ABMARC managing director, Natalie Roberts says “this collaboration with Kangan Institute will facilitate the reduction of greenhouse gas and pollutant emission from the transport sector by aiding the shift to more fuel efficient, lower emissions technologies”.

Kangan Institute’s automotive courses feature on the Government’s priority list of courses that lead to the skilled jobs most in demand from Victorian employers.

Kangan Institute’s CEO Sally Curtain says “working together with ABMARC will provide Kangan Institute’s automotive students with unprecedented access to vehicle testing technology and industry expertise to support their education and equip them to drive the future of the automotive industry.” 

The speed of technological change in the automotive industry is enormous, with rapid technology advancements and increasingly strict environmental regulations providing the impetus for change. These changes create an exciting environment for all Victorians, and one which will provide great opportunities for people with the skills and training to take advantage of them.

“Kangan Institute is committed to working with industry to meet emerging needs and facilitate greater innovation,” said Ms. Curtain.

“This new collaboration with ABMARC will enable Kangan Institute to support a shift towards more efficient technologies in the sector. This is something our Automotive Centre of Excellence is perfectly positioned for as an award-winning environmentally sustainable facility itself.” This collaboration will provide industry with precision test services at Kangan Institute’s Automotive Centre of Excellence and help to provide students with the skills and training they need for great careers in a rapidly changing industry.

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